Three Quick Customization Ideas For Your Blog

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Looking to add a few custom tweaks to your blog? Interested in simple ways to personalize your site? Read on.

Display a Text Widget for updates

In the first Declutter Your Prose post, we suggested avoiding phrases like “Sorry for my absence, but I’ve been…” Readers reiterated this suggestion in the second post of the series, saying you don’t have to apologize for not posting, or explain to readers where you’ve been.

Instead of diluting a post introduction with this information, consider adding a Text Widget to the top of your sidebar for updates, like a “Where am I?” blurb for travel writers or a “What I’m reading now” message for book bloggers. You can use this space for general news or specific details about a project, upcoming event, and more. Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 5.37.42 PM

Get started: Go to Appearance → Widgets, drag the Text Widget to the area where you’d like it to appear…

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Be-Active Brace (Reveiw)

I have suffered from lower back pain for the past 2 ½ years. This began on & off for some time gradually gaining momentum. At first I assumed it was my mattress since I had my mattress for some time. I went ahead & purchased a new mattress after many months of complaints. In the beginning it took a some time to get comfortable to my Serta foam mattress than it was heavenly. However, my lower back pain came back with vitality this time around the pain was excruciating down my lower my left leg. It would pulse at down my back as though I was being stabbed with a dozen knives. At this time in my life I was taking Advil by the handful than moved towards stronger prescription medication. You ask why I did not see a Doctor? Well, in between a job change, my undergrad degree, family life and a dozen other reasons I just did not. I do plan on nevertheless, I came across the Be-Active leg brace at Bed Bath & Beyond.

I did not think much of it just assumed it was one of those gimmick’s and thought to myself…”If it doesn’t work I can just return it”. With anticipation I took it home quickly breezed through the instructions and per the instructions I inserted the Be-Active brace with the L facing up (for LEFT Side) up my left leg. Within a few minutes I felt a change I immediately bent forward to touch the ground. Now, I am very flexible and normally I can touch the ground with my palms though, with this pain I’ve had the past few years it would be an exhausting maneuver. The brace has a small circle in the back that aligns with your calf and this helps ease the nerve (sciatica) that puts the strain on your lower back.

Since, I have had the Be-Active leg brace on (Saturday, September 13, 2014) I have taken it off a few times and especially when I shower. I have jogged, worked-out, played with my cousins, went to the market, went to work, and even went to sleep with it on. I won’t say the brace is a miracle worker on my aching back however I can feel a 80% difference in my mood & behavior since using this awesome product. I have recommended this great product to family & friends and I highly recommend anyone else whom has interest yet is hesitant about it. You can find this product online by Google-ing Be-Active brace or like I did at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Be Active Brace



The Tassel Was Worth The Hassle!



I recently graduated from CSULA & since my degree was a Bachelor of Communications with an Option in Organizational Communication and Public Relations. I thought the best way to announce my commencement would be with an official press release to my fellow professors, friends, & family members.

I hope you enjoy.



Ani Erem

Erem Enk. Public Relations

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The Tassel Was Worth The Hassle!

Public Relations Practitioner graduates from California State University of Los Angeles!

Los Angeles, California – Ani Erem of daughter of (Dads Name) and (Moms Name), was awarded the Degree of Bachelor of Communications with an Option in Organizational Communication and Public Relations from California State University of Los Angeles. Ani Erem received her degree from the College of Arts and Letters on March 22, 2014. With enthusiasm Ani Erem will join her fellow classmates and friends for commencement at the University’s Commencement ceremony on Saturday, June 14, 2014 at the Reeder Field.

Ani Erem will automatically become a member of the California State University of Los Angeles Alumni Association upon commencement, will retain a lifelong link with the University as a graduate.  She will receive recognition alongside hundreds of other students from the College of Arts and Letters and their families. Ani Erem joins more than hundreds of graduates who have received degrees from the California State University of Los Angeles since the University establishment in 1947.

With the influence of her community college Professor Josh Miller, Ani Erem was tenacious in her academics to pursue a degree she was passionate about. Ani Erem, stated in her M.A statement, “My passion for communication studies was introduced during my time in community college with a young professor whom encouraged me to join the speech and debate team. I knew I enjoyed speaking that wasn’t a surprise considering all through my grade school years I was continuously a nuisance for talking during class.”

Ani Erem was awarded a position with University’s graduate program for a Masters of Arts in Communication Studies for the fall 2014 semester. Kamran Afary, her academic professor in the Department of Communications, said: “It was a pleasure to be Ani’s professor. She is a pleasant young woman and I with joy recommended Ani for the Masters of Arts program. I wish her all the best with her further studies.”

Graduating from college has been a life-long dream for Ani Erem she would like to show gratitude to those individuals whom guided her with compassion and perseverance. Professors Robert Allen, Daniel Atwater, Mylen Yamamoto, Dr. Chunsheng Bai, Dr. Kevin Basske, Dr. David Olsen, Dr. Mohammed Auwal, Dr. Kate Kurtin and administrative personal Suzanne Gaylean. Ani Erem said: “I am a strong, self-reliant individual who is willing to stand apart from the crowd and act according to my own beliefs and convictions. Self-sufficient and independent, I am not easily swayed from the path that I set for myself. Lastly, I would like thank my parents Armen & Karine for their continued support.”



California State University, Los Angeles (Cal State LA or CSULA) is a public comprehensive university, part of the 23 campus California State University (CSU) system. The campus is located in the eastern region of Los Angeles, California, United States, in the University Hills district, facing the San Gabriel Mountains, at the center of Los Angeles metropolitan area just five miles (8 km) east of Downtown Los Angeles.  The Communication major at Cal State LA offers opportunities for a comprehensive study of human communication as it pertains to the dynamics of individual, social, and civic life.  We offer an undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Communication, with options to concentrate in Interpersonal CommunicationOrganizational Communication and Public RelationsSocial Change and Rhetoric, or Performance Studies.  The undergraduate program is designed to meet the needs of students who plan to join the workforce and those who intend to pursue graduate education.  It offers a variety of courses that focus on the rhetorical, cultural, relational, political, organizational, performative, and aesthetic dimensions of human interaction.



Ani Erem

Erem Enk. Public Relations

Tel: ###-###-#### Email: ##########


Hermes Armenian Alphabet Scarf

This was such inspiring news I had to share. I am a very proud Armenian.

PARIS—The legendary luxury brand Hermès last week unveiled a new scarf featuring the Armenian Alphabet to mark the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Protestant-France-Armenia Solidarity (SFPA) and to be used for fund-raising for the charity’s efforts in Armenia, reported Jean Eckian of Nouvelle d’Armenie.
Hermès’s artistic director Pierre-Alexis Dumas unveiled the fashion house’s signature silk scarf, called “Lettres d’Erevan,” at an event at Petrossian Paris. Designed by Karen Pétrossian, the Armenian Alphabet scarf honors Mesrob Mashtots, creator of the Armenian alphabet.

The proceeds from the sale of this exclusive, limited edition creation will go toward humanitarian and cultural activities of SFPA in Armenia. The organization was founded in April 1990 after the 1988 earthquake in Spitak.

SFPA President Janik Manissian thanked Hermès and designer Karen Petrossian for the creating and producing this unique and said the scarf will “support a very important and critical humanitarian effort.”This is the second time that Hermès is supporting SFPA. It created another Armenian-themed scarf, Les Jardins d’Armenie (Gardens of Armenia), a decade ago.

“I’m charmed by the culture and perseverance of a nation that has undergone thousands of years of trials and tribulations,” Pierre Alexis Duma said.

The scarves will go on sale in April 2015 for 330 euros ($426).
Several French celebrities and press representatives were present at the event. Also attending the event were Armenia’s Ambassador to France Vigen Chitedjyan, Representative of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic in France Hovhannes Gevorkyan, Primate of the Armenian Apostolic Church of France Bishop Norvan Zakarian, and Valerie Toranian, managing editor of Elle magazine in Paris.

Hermes Armenian Alphabet Scarf