About a year ago I began to use Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser. I noticed a dramatic change in my skin. I have normal to oily skin and this cleanser was the best beauty choice I had made!

I use to use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel obviously not for cleansing, but as a moisturizer. And, unfortunately this was not helping my skin. The lotion was smooth but, it would irritate my skin. The most important thing I noticed in my years of using various facial cleansers, and moisturizers is to pay attention  when applying any creams, powders, scrubs. When your skin begins to turn flush-red this may be a red-flag. Even if this occurs for a few seconds do not disregard this.

I immediately changed my moisturizer to  Kheils Daily Moisturizer. This product actually worked for my skin. I use a small pea-sized amount on my temple, cheeks, and chin. I give it a few seconds to dry before applying my foundation. Note whenever using beauty products not every product on the market will benefit you. Many beauty bloggers, magazine publications shout at the top of their posts for buying a particular product well because, they are most likely being sponsored by the product.

One thing I have taken away from being in public relations is don’t be quick to  trust any post or editorial credit. Beauty editors are fabulous individuals whom try tons of products before posting about them. Once again not all things will work best for everyone. Some of us have dry cuticle’s, whereas others have dry cheeks. The best thing you as a consumer can do is try..test out products before settling for something you love.



Social-Media is your image…

One thing I have noticed with individuals whom try to differentiate themselves with their brands is that this does not always work.  For example, when you are a jewelry designer you should definitely disengage your personal social media accounts with your professional. As much as you would like to share your personal photos, thoughts, experiences you need to separate the two so that you can contentedly cultivate your brand.

In some cases individuals are their own brand. In this case than as a social-media consumer we want to see more of you! For example, a talented makeup-artist as a consumer we constantly want to see what fascial products you are using, how you contour your cheeks, what particular hair styles you prefer, and even the brands you wear. For a social media consumer to constantly want to see what your brand is doing next it is essential that you provide them with the best quality photos, this includes maybe investing in a great camera.  Pictures do speak to us we are a culture of hungry photographers who want to share everything with our followers.

I highly recommend investing in a photo-light basically if you have a product you need to share with your followers a bright white table you can probably use something you have around the house/office. As long as your photos are clear & precise however, do not add any additional filters. No one is interested in the contrast changes; we just want to see the product clean as is. The best friend you can have in this case is a bright sunny day. You may add creative aspects with some fun flowers, or a Starbucks cup, add a cute pencil, or a hair-clip as long as your product is spotless & vibrant.

For those whom want to showcase models maybe at a financially appropriate price. Using a friend or colleague is the best way you can always offer them your services or gift them your product for their time spent. One important note I’d like to address is make sure they are comfortable with this project. Have them practice posing or just be natural. Sometimes models can look uncomfortable in images it is because they are! Make your model feel comfortable encourage them just to think of something pleasant or someone they admire.

Try & keep the postings to a minimum do not overdo it by spamming your followers feed with nonsense. Keep your political, religious, personal affiliations to your personal accounts. Do not forget that this is your trademark.

Most importantly connect your Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. We have become a mobile generation & everything is at our fingertip’s with a click of a button we can easily access a multitude of outlets. Happy posting!





I love…Social Media

I spend countless hours searching the net as many of us find ourselves immersed in. We browse through photos, quotes, recipes, even solutions. I realized something a few years ago that may have had a large impact on my social presence online. Many of my friends, family, colleagues are familiar with my social-butterfly personality. So, it was no surprise that when MySpace was introduced I was the first to create a profile. MySpace was a form of artistic space me to share my personality with others around the world. You were able to change colors, add fonts, and design particular backdrops that spoke to each and every one of us.

I was the queen of dissecting templates to attribute to my very own style. Having had no experience in computer programming I would spend countless hour’s online reading html programs. I was particularly fascinated by computer programmers. Even as a child I would spend hours in the computer lab of my elementary school. Taking apart computer wires, recording VHS tapes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and music videos from The Box. Reminiscing on many of my childhood memories I am not surprised that my interest in technology only grew as I did.

Fascinated by this new social platform as many individuals around the world. I continually updated images, rearranged colors, fonts, added quotes, and most importantly made sure my photos were on point. However, during those imperative years MySpace was introduced my brother and I were going through what you would call our teenage years. Having an Armenian family whom was not familiar with the social media launch made it hard for us to communicate. The internet was still new to many of us; what seemed innocent to me was only a platform for others to coerce young females which only intimidated my overprotective sibling. I was not allowed to share my images on MySpace my family thought it was not right for young females to showcase themselves online. Although it was only a photo of my face not nearly close to what young adults show today.

Unfortunately, in our community we are often adjudicated by our appearance, personal associations, titles, and so forth. As time passed my family members became comfortable with the idea of social media. Keep in mind there was no Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram the term social-media was fairly new.

One day two friends introduced me to a website called Facebook. They were in their first year at the University of Irvine and the buzz around campus life was this new social platform. I guess you can say that’s when MySpace became history. I cannot remember a time where I was ever disconnected from the online world. I have not only been able to share my experiences as a young woman with friends, I have communicated with family members from all around the world. I have successfully produced campaigns, websites, branded companies, even introduced significant others all because of social-media. I enjoy opportunities to infatuate my leadership talents in telecommunications. I took it upon myself to create a social media platform for a Los Angeles based company.

I was fortunate to educate them about the importance of media and communication some years ago. I created their social-networking which surpassed my expectations gaining over 26,000+ unique fans from all across the world from 2009 to current day all via word-of-mouth.  Other projects I immersed myself into were solely for the public relations firm creating high quality materials for press events, advertising, and marketing campaigns for clients. You may have heard of them they are a luxury automotive company…Platinum Motorsports based in Los Angeles, California. Currently, I manage their Facebook page with no advertising we surpassed any expectations I had for an automotive company. For more insights on the company please LIKE & share our page…






I work in PR


I have been employed with a successful public relations firm in Los Angeles while completing my Bachelor’s degree. Unfortunately, my employer will be closing his firm in June 2014 although I have gained valuable skills working for a talented publicist in addition to some of the superlative colleagues in this industry. I am deeply saddened that this chapter in my life will soon be closing.

A few years ago I was in a similar situation where I worked for a prominent attorney in Beverly Hills. I was on cloud nine I worked for a group of brilliant attorneys in a elegant office overlooking the city. I loved my job, I was infatuated with my career I was the right hand girl of an older attorney whom introduced me to several well-known individuals. At the time I was enrolled in community college although, I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to do with my professional life. We were successful for not only our area code but, the clientele we serviced.

Many of our clients ranged from standard everyday families, to celebrities, high-profile sports figures, struggling actors and many models. We soon realized we were swamped with unlawful accusations by photographers, websites, bloggers and some publications. Many of our clients would be distraught because, they would accidently find their photo on a site they did not authorize or the photographer whom they shoot with would sell their images. The most significant thing I learned was about the legalities of copy-writing & trade marking images, documents, etc.

Soon I was finding myself spending my off time answering phones calls, emails, and text messages from our clients. We began to form bonds outside of a professional law-firm environment. My employers did not mind actually, they liked that our clients felt comfortable to console with me. One day my boss asked me to come into his office for a meeting with a few of the partners. We had a conversation that changed the direction of my life. I now realize that many individuals are placed into your life to help you find what you are seeking deep down inside. With the direction the firm was heading we began a modeling/talent agency. We wanted to represent our clients with the most professional, dignified, and respectful manner appropriate. Who better to represent your career than a tenacious young female, and a praiseworthy attorney?

My employers wanted me to handle all aspects of the brand name, logo, company structure, blog, social-media, invoices, organization; you name it I was in charge. They were in charge of logistics of the business in addition to the contracts.

90210 Talent was born in Beverly Hills, California in April 2009. I worked with  incalculable directors, actors, politicians, producers, celebrities. I could not fathom doing anything else. I would go on business trips to meet with these individuals. At a young age an Armenian girl traveling to Las Vegas by herself for work. Almost would seem taboo for most Armenian families, but my father (whom is my dearest friend). He too was a world class traveler he told me to go work, travel, experience the world. But, to always remain within the lines (as he says) of respect for myself.

We often become immersed in our daily routines that we sometimes fall off course. Even though, I believe that we are on the right path just that at times we sway off that course. I was beginning to realize that while successfully helping my attorneys, model friends, and the talented actors my career was on hold. I was taking one or two courses a semester at community college. Life was moving fast my friends were graduating, obtaining jobs with successful organizations and I was stuck. I had successfully obtained contracts, closed deals; managed individuals, promoted a brand no one knew about. Nevertheless a personal goal I had made for myself I was not working on. Eventually, I began to outgrow the company especially when my employer wanted to downsize. I understood the importance of client relations and product knowledge. I knew I was good at PR but, I did not know anything about the operational side of the business.

I am driven and tenacious with an energetic and enthusiastic approach to all duties. I am motivated by success, target driven, and able to be a role model for others. I have a proven ability to drive sales, I am able to recruit, select, train and develop exceptional individuals in addition to providing exceptional client services. In the end, I searched for a public relations agency to work for. I was fortunate to have found my current job. For it shaped me into the young woman I am today. I have not only grown professionally, I have courageously progressed in my academics.

I graduated from California State University of Los Angeles, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication/Option in Public Relations . I was also, accepted into their graduate program for a Masters of Arts in Communication. I transcended any goal I had and surpassed all expectations. I know that this is not the end for my career. I am a fond believer in things happening for a reason and that the individuals in your life are placed there to help you move to bigger & better places.



About Ani…



I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for finding my blog midst the world of so many influential individuals. I am a young Armenian-American adult whom is constantly seeking adventure. A little bit about me…Well, I believe that I am destined to be successful in whatever profession or occupation I choose. I am independent and innovative. I am individualistic and a born leader. I tend to have a bossy attitude and, I make sure that I have the respect I deserve. I look up to my subordinates and those whom I believe will benefit me in life. I am bold, meticulous and I am extremely pompous and overconfident. I believe that in life I have to be that way to achieve the recognition you want. I have a free and creative spirit. I love to socialize though I am irritable, and impatient at times.. I have the sole urge to love and be independent I desire attention and love authoritative power.  I am always ready to take initiative.

At heart I am modest and humble, and strive to be in the limelight or in a position of power. I have a sharp analytical mind, a keen eye for detail, I prefer to observe, dissect, and study life from a distance. I take pride in doing a job well. My skills develop day by day and expertise in technical knowledge and capability in some specialized area. Some would say I am a little to meticulous, for and can be extremely critical if everything is not done exactly the way I think it should be. Whether in my environment or in myself I tend to focus on the flaws, with a desire to improve, refine, and perfect. I am strictly factual, truthful, and scrupulously honest in my self-estimation.

Self-sufficient and independent, I am not easily swayed from the path that I set for myself. However, I tend to be proud and unwilling to ask for help when I need it. I have recharged my blog to share my experiences in life both professionally & personally. I hope that my blog influences young females to write their thoughts, share their experiences, and engage in prominent discussions. Where they can all learn from one another without putting each other down for one-another’s success. I like to share everything from quotes, photography, food, adventures, and most importantly the skills I have obtained in my young Armenian-American years as a woman.

With that said, I hope you enjoy my blog.