Social-Media is your image…

One thing I have noticed with individuals whom try to differentiate themselves with their brands is that this does not always work.  For example, when you are a jewelry designer you should definitely disengage your personal social media accounts with your professional. As much as you would like to share your personal photos, thoughts, experiences you need to separate the two so that you can contentedly cultivate your brand.

In some cases individuals are their own brand. In this case than as a social-media consumer we want to see more of you! For example, a talented makeup-artist as a consumer we constantly want to see what fascial products you are using, how you contour your cheeks, what particular hair styles you prefer, and even the brands you wear. For a social media consumer to constantly want to see what your brand is doing next it is essential that you provide them with the best quality photos, this includes maybe investing in a great camera.  Pictures do speak to us we are a culture of hungry photographers who want to share everything with our followers.

I highly recommend investing in a photo-light basically if you have a product you need to share with your followers a bright white table you can probably use something you have around the house/office. As long as your photos are clear & precise however, do not add any additional filters. No one is interested in the contrast changes; we just want to see the product clean as is. The best friend you can have in this case is a bright sunny day. You may add creative aspects with some fun flowers, or a Starbucks cup, add a cute pencil, or a hair-clip as long as your product is spotless & vibrant.

For those whom want to showcase models maybe at a financially appropriate price. Using a friend or colleague is the best way you can always offer them your services or gift them your product for their time spent. One important note I’d like to address is make sure they are comfortable with this project. Have them practice posing or just be natural. Sometimes models can look uncomfortable in images it is because they are! Make your model feel comfortable encourage them just to think of something pleasant or someone they admire.

Try & keep the postings to a minimum do not overdo it by spamming your followers feed with nonsense. Keep your political, religious, personal affiliations to your personal accounts. Do not forget that this is your trademark.

Most importantly connect your Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. We have become a mobile generation & everything is at our fingertip’s with a click of a button we can easily access a multitude of outlets. Happy posting!





I love…Social Media

I spend countless hours searching the net as many of us find ourselves immersed in. We browse through photos, quotes, recipes, even solutions. I realized something a few years ago that may have had a large impact on my social presence online. Many of my friends, family, colleagues are familiar with my social-butterfly personality. So, it was no surprise that when MySpace was introduced I was the first to create a profile. MySpace was a form of artistic space me to share my personality with others around the world. You were able to change colors, add fonts, and design particular backdrops that spoke to each and every one of us.

I was the queen of dissecting templates to attribute to my very own style. Having had no experience in computer programming I would spend countless hour’s online reading html programs. I was particularly fascinated by computer programmers. Even as a child I would spend hours in the computer lab of my elementary school. Taking apart computer wires, recording VHS tapes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and music videos from The Box. Reminiscing on many of my childhood memories I am not surprised that my interest in technology only grew as I did.

Fascinated by this new social platform as many individuals around the world. I continually updated images, rearranged colors, fonts, added quotes, and most importantly made sure my photos were on point. However, during those imperative years MySpace was introduced my brother and I were going through what you would call our teenage years. Having an Armenian family whom was not familiar with the social media launch made it hard for us to communicate. The internet was still new to many of us; what seemed innocent to me was only a platform for others to coerce young females which only intimidated my overprotective sibling. I was not allowed to share my images on MySpace my family thought it was not right for young females to showcase themselves online. Although it was only a photo of my face not nearly close to what young adults show today.

Unfortunately, in our community we are often adjudicated by our appearance, personal associations, titles, and so forth. As time passed my family members became comfortable with the idea of social media. Keep in mind there was no Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram the term social-media was fairly new.

One day two friends introduced me to a website called Facebook. They were in their first year at the University of Irvine and the buzz around campus life was this new social platform. I guess you can say that’s when MySpace became history. I cannot remember a time where I was ever disconnected from the online world. I have not only been able to share my experiences as a young woman with friends, I have communicated with family members from all around the world. I have successfully produced campaigns, websites, branded companies, even introduced significant others all because of social-media. I enjoy opportunities to infatuate my leadership talents in telecommunications. I took it upon myself to create a social media platform for a Los Angeles based company.

I was fortunate to educate them about the importance of media and communication some years ago. I created their social-networking which surpassed my expectations gaining over 26,000+ unique fans from all across the world from 2009 to current day all via word-of-mouth.  Other projects I immersed myself into were solely for the public relations firm creating high quality materials for press events, advertising, and marketing campaigns for clients. You may have heard of them they are a luxury automotive company…Platinum Motorsports based in Los Angeles, California. Currently, I manage their Facebook page with no advertising we surpassed any expectations I had for an automotive company. For more insights on the company please LIKE & share our page…